Side tracks

Today was a great day for a ride in CSG. We are fortunate to live in close proximity to bike-safe paths; and I go most often to the Columbus Riverwalk, which mostly runs parallel to the Chattahoochee River.

Today I had another purpose other than exercise: to take a few photos for a local magazine piece.

That helped me see the path in an entirely new light. I sought angles, light and shadow combinations and tree shapes in relation to the path.

I ended up taking about four shots. But trying to be observant in this way helped me notice things I might not otherwise see. For example, the way a tree bent over the riverbank, as if reaching its branches out to the water; the way evenly spaced shadows fell on a wooden bridge, because the sun was hitting the bridge’s iron siding just so; the colors green and blue alternating on the river.

My hearing seemed to be heightened, too. Some men were playing golf at a course that skirts the trail; and I always like how, at some distance, you hear the ball strike just a split second after it happens. Rustles in the leaves a few minutes later produced a bird hobbling on the trail. (I’ve often marveled at how such small creatures can make such big noises.) Nearly silent symphonies, all.

What did you see today? What did you hear?


One thought on “Side tracks

  1. the morning’s too early to see nature…but I see yesterday thru your eyes..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture you painted…no more just ‘who, what, where, when and maybe a how every now and then’ limits! …i’ll keep my eyes open today a lil wider

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