The Room

If you’re like us, you have The Room. The Room is where all The Junk ends up. In our case, it contains some important papers but mostly useless crap we’ve collected through the years. At the outset of this little sabbatical, I had the goal to tackle The Room. Yesterday turned out to be the day.

Armed with about five large garbage bags, I went in. Think Carrie Fisher in the Blues Brothers, standing at the end of the underground sewer armed with a bazooka.

Among other items, The Room contains two litter pans and a bicycle. So it’s not easy to maneuver around. Not to mentIon it can be odiferous. Some of the found items: photos from two decades back and more; a wrench; a pack of screws; and a motorcycle ornament–because you never know when you’ll need one of those.

Part of my motivation in tackling The Room was to find a computer disk that would hopefully fix our laptop. (who says Macs don’t get viruses?) I found a Mac disk, indeed, but am still unsure if it’s the right one.

Come tomorrow, our trash pickup day, our trash pickers will have a field day. On the inside of the house, however, it feels good to purge.


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