While trapped at the garage

You have probably been through this yourself. While waiting on your car to be examined, then fixed, a fair number of entertaining things can happen.

‘Twas the second day of Christmas and I went out to start my car this morning, to meet a friend for lunch. Nothing doing. Battery seemed dead. Called the friend, and Michael took me to her house.

After lunch, Michael jumped off the battery and we went to a garage about 10 minutes from home. Being the day after Christmas, they were busy and short-staffed. So I called Michael to say I didn’t want to spend my afternoon in the waiting area.

A man waiting on his car took the opportunity to yammer on about his own woes: why isn’t the mail running today? And why isn’t the trash being picked up? After awhile I said this was Christmas to people like mail carriers who always get Sundays off anyway. Didn’t stop him from complaining, though. (And, by the way, he failed to see the hypocrisy when he let it be known he’s on an academic schedule so he won’t go back to work till January something. Dude, could ya give these people the pleasure of one day off?)

Thank God Michael wasn’t far away.

When I returned to the shop, I and another man were subjected to sit near the loud TV. Today Dr. Oz was helping his all-female audience with diet and fitness tips. The women wore shorts or pants and athletic bras only. You couldn’t pay me a million bucks to do that; so hat’s off to them for their bravery.

Following the more safe tips on measuring one’s waist and eating more fiber, Dr. Oz moved on to the subject of fibrous ovarian rumors. He had an audience member put on a latex glove and feel of two types. She picked up the first one and dropped it on the table. It sounded lIke a rock.

Then, what came next made me realize, yet again, why I don’t like TV much these days. He conducted a pelvic exam. On television. With people watching.


The south end of said exam wasn’t shown, thankfully, but the woman’s innards were projected onto a screen.

Yes, this is education. Yes, Dr. Oz is very learned and popular. I myself have learned a few things from him, as recently as today. Yet something bothers me about this … Show of exhibitionism. It’s so TMI.

Meanwhile the desk clerks at the garage were going about their work as if a pelvic exam on live TV were as normal as a sitcom.

New battery for your car, or a Gyno exam?


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