Mixing Things Up

This week, our group saw the addition of four summer interns. They’ll do most of the same work we do, and also help stretch out the on-call schedule (yay!) for the 10 weeks they’re with us.

Also, we have a summer contract supervisor: the Rev. Sherron Hughes-Tremper from Texas.

The soup pot is getting a stir.

In the room we have the following faith groups represented: Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, two National Baptists, one American Baptist, Assembly of God, African Methodist Episcopal and one Episcopalian (me). Four women, including Sherron, and five men.

I wish we had a non-Christian or two to mix things up even more; but it’s what we got.

Starting today, we’ll meet for various discussions and didactics for 1.5 days a week.

When things get heated between us, and they will, it’s an opportunity to listen and really hear what the other person is saying. My tendency is to react quickly, seeking to correct. (as if my position is always the right one, haha.)

But when I see someone as a position and not a person, I risk “missing” them. As we continue to witness on a national level, it’s easy to demonize and marginalize those with whom we have strong disagreement.

There’s nothing wrong with healthy debate. It’s what we do with the relationship that matters.


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