Places in the Heart

I noticed I haven’t blogged in awhile. Sorry, Internets.
A new quarter has started for us chaplains at SFH. I mentioned before that we have four new interns, who are doing well and feeling their way along.
Our summer supervisor, Sherron, has some creative things for our group sessions. One is watching a movie each week, and coming up with theological themes, as well as analyzing the characters, the one we identify with the most, etc. Last week we watched “Places in the Heart” and this past week was a movie I’d never heard of, “Unstrung Heroes.”Both tear-jerkers.
Get out the Kleenex.

I’ve had some tear-jerker cases, too. People diagnosed too young with cancer, and really young patients at The Bradley Center. These are the head-scratchers that compel me to ask: “God, what are you up to?” (but also with the keen understanding that God doesn’t go around inflicting people with cancer or mental illness.)

The theodicy question comes up frequently in this work. Why is there so much evil and sickness in the world? Like many, I could offer some type of reasonable answer. But at some point I come up empty. Who REALLY knows the mind of God?

The mysteriousness of suffering involves the “Places in the Heart,” and for that matter the “Unstrung Heroes” I encounter daily. People who muster the strength to ask for help. People who muster the strength to seek better health, a better way. I could turn the theodicy question on its head: Why so much goodness, Lord? Why so much beauty and creativity? Thank you for health and for those who come alongside.

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