Hearing about the latest mass shooting made me think of Josh.

Josh (not his real name) is a teen-ager. We go to the same gym. I’d seen him around but had never met him. One day we were on adjacent machines and I introduced myself. He told me some about his family, and a recent vacation in which they got lost hiking in the woods. I told him about the vacation we were about to take. He was genuinely interested and asked good questions.

The day after we got back, I was at the gym and so was Josh. He came up to a table where I was drinking water.

“Hey, how was your trip?”

I told him some about it. Again, genuine interest.

It’s terribly sad–beyond sad–when someone masterminds a mass killing such as the one in Colorado. Multiple lives will never be the same. But I wanted you to know about Josh. He’s going to college in 2013. He plays golf when he’s not in school and not at the gym. He’s bright and funny and interested in people other than himself.

Though the killer fills our national news reports, for now, I want to balance that horror with thoughts of a kind soul I’m privileged to know.


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