Quick takes: Tuesday

Quick takes from a recent trip away:

— A good friend, who also happens to have been the organist at the wedding, will share his organ bench with you when there are no seats remaining in the congregation.

— I ventured last Friday evening into a small mountain town in north Georgia and asked one of the locals about a good place to eat. “I like Huddle House, myself,” the woman said. “I really like their steaks.” Um, no thanks.

— Dogs seem to like hiking as much as people. However, if your dog is age 14 or so, leave him at the foot of the mountain. This particular dog looked crippled when we saw him at the top with his family.

— The daughter of my friends Donald and Sarah Fishburne got married, hence the main reason for this jaunt. Donald is an Episcopal priest in Chattanooga, and after he walked Sarah Hart down the aisle, turned to face the congregation to begin his priestly role. I honestly don’t know how he held it together. Well done! And congrats to Sarah Hart and Sam. The future of our country is in good hands. These are two very grounded, kind-hearted and smart 20-somethings.

— If you leave plenty of time between points A and B, it’s a good idea to factor in even more time. When I got to northwest Georgia on Saturday, traffic was jammed for a good 45 minutes into Chattanooga. After making it to the church in Sewanee just in time, Donald Fishburne asked me to ring the church bell to start the service. So if you show up late, you may be given a job.

— The trees in north Georgia and southern Tennessee are still bare, for the most part. Not so where we live. If you are hiking on a sunny cool day, wear sun screen.

— I love newspapers and I especially love small town newspapers. In the most recent edition of the Sewanee (Tenn.) Messenger, a photo several pages in features a group of people walking around a parking lot. They are picking up loaves of bread that fell off a bread truck. You gotta love news like that.

— The National Cornbread Festival is April 27-28 in South Pittsburg, Tenn.