Taking on, letting go

What to gain? Living in the here and now. What to lose? Control.

I gave up control (or the illusion thereof) for Lent. I’m a worrier. “What will happen if …?”

“What if ..”

As a person of faith, I profess regularly that I trust something–Someone–greater than myself. In my case, that Someone is Christ.

But also as a human being muddling around in this faith, I often don’t walk the walk of trust. I often fret and worry and cuss and furrow my brow.

So when my spiritual director recently asked me what I was giving up, the usual ideas ran through my head: Chocolate? Facebook? Wine?

Trust me, it is far more difficult for me to give up my sense of control, and to focus on what’s right in front of me. Today. This minute. This person.

This Lent, as my mind projects miles into the future, I try and catch it.

“Be present.”
“Do the next right thing.”

It’s working out pretty good so far.

A wise friend years ago suggested taking on a discipline, as well as giving something up. To me, relinquishing control and taking on presence is in that vein.

Many people do many different things during Lent, to make more space for God. There’s no formula, no right or wrong.

For those walking these 40 days, I’m grateful we walk together.